No time to blog? An easy trick to a 5-minute first draft

Ever have that feeling where you sit down to blog and think, “I have to write something useful that will get all the likes, and help me be on Google and stuff.” and “I hate writing and everyone says I have to have amazing content and my content doesn’t feel amazing and waaahh.” Worry not lovely humans. I have the trick that will help you write the first draft of your post in 5 minutes. Seriously. And it’s kinda fun.

The secret: Channel your inner Don Draper and talk your posts out.

How you do it:

  1. Think about blog posts you need to write. I like to keep a running list of blog post ideas and common customer questions in my phone’s notes app.
  2. When you get a moment, open that handy-dandy voice memo app on your phone and pick a single topic from your list.
  3. Press record on the voice memo app and speak your post. Don’t worry about the words or perfect structure or anything. Just get out the stuff you want to talk about in the post. Try to talk for about 5 minutes. Humans speak at about 150 words per minute, so at 5 minutes you’ve got a little less than 1000 words in your draft, darn near ideal.
  4. Stop recording and title your file something that will make sense to you later.
  5. Do a vigourous happy dance, you just got 75% of the way to a great post in 5 minutes.
  6. Send the recording off to be transcribed. Software still isn’t great at accurate transcription, so a transcription service or your friendly VA are still your best bet. I like Way With Words, but there are a lot of services out there.
  7. When your transcription gets back, voila! You have a first draft. Instead of sitting down in front of a blank page, you’re just editing and cleaning up the thing you already wrote. Piece of cake.

Where this gets really great (and saves you oodles of time) is to dictate a bunch of articles at once and send them to be transcribed. When they come back you’ve got a few weeks (or months!) of mostly written posts in your back pocket that you just have to polish up and publish. 

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