5 SEO Writing Hacks for Your Wedding Business in 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) will help engaged couples find your wedding business online. But just putting “Oregon Wedding Photographer” in all your image titles just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you’re wondering how to improve SEO for your wedding business, here are five 2018 SEO best-practices to improve your search ranking with Google.

Use a consistent Brand Voice and profile everywhere your business shows up online

Folks in the know about optimizing your online presence agree, SEO is out and DMO is in. Because we needed another acronym, right? Digital Media Optimization (or DMO) means that you need to look beyond your website and have a clear consistent presence and voice everywhere your business shows up, from your website to your social media profiles. Understanding your unique Brand Voice helps you present a united front all over the web so that, wherever your potential customer finds you online, you’re reinforcing the same story about who you are and what you do.

Write fresh content all the time

Blogging isn’t going away, it’s the best way to infuse your website with fresh, rich content regularly and fresh content puts Google’s eyes on you. Wedding pros often fall into the trap of only blogging their weddings or styled shoots, and feeling like they have to have the most current ones front and center. See if you can create some educational “evergreen content” answering some questions you get all the time. Evergreen content is always relevant to your clients and will consistently elevate you in search.

Make blog posts a little longer

One of the key metrics Google uses to rank your site is called “dwell time” basically how long any given visitor spends on your site. Writing slightly longer blog articles (think 700-1500 words) can encourage visitors to stay to find out the end of the wedding story. If you’re wondering how the heck to write 1,500 words, I have a tip on how to do it. It’s the perfect strategy for writing a blog post in the car on the way to a venue.

Link between your posts

Not exactly a writing thing, but another way to increase dwell time, link between your posts. If you’re a photographer and you have a post for a couple’s engagement and wedding, make sure they link to each other. A planner who’s styled weddings at the same venue a few times? Make sure you link to all of them at the end of any given blog post. A florist sharing a peony-heavy wedding? Link back to other work containing the bloom. If readers are interested in your content, they might want more of the same.

Write a guest post or get your work featured

When another high-ranking website links to your site, you get instant SEO cred. Writing a guest post or pitching your work can help you develop a library of these links. Called backlinks, they’re one of the key components Google uses to determine how popular, useful and credible your site is to searchers.

5 SEO Writing Hacks for Your Wedding Business in 2018

While SEO can seem complicated and mysterious, these five writing hacks are proven to increase your visibility. As you’re developing the writing for your business keep in mind ways you can have a more consistent voice across all your channels, develop fresh content, write longer posts, link between your posts and look for opportunities to guest post – they’ll all help your SEO.

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