What Every Wedding Pro Should Know About Persuasive Writing (And 5 Non-Smarmy Tips to Make Your Site More Appealing to Your Dream Couples)

Sharing a  little secret here: I am also guilty of trawling the internet looking for a “quick fix” freebie to solve my latest business angst. It’s hard to resist that siren call, we’re all susceptible to a really well written headline or Facebook ad and it can feel really frustrating when you just can’t seem to do that for YOUR business. But you can. I’m breaking down a few basic principles that every wedding pro should know about persuasive writing. Combine those super powers with a true passion for your craft and a deep desire to communicate with integrity and you’ve got the recipe for a profitable and heart-centered wedding business.

So without further ado let me introduce you to your brain. Actually your three brains.

How will learning about my brain help my writing? By understanding how your customer’s brain works, you can make sure you’re writing speaks directly to the part of her brain that’s actually going to buy from you – not just tell you your photos are pretty on Instagram.

First Brain = Your New Brain

The new brain is the shiniest, most evolved part of you. Your new brain does the rational thinking.

Second Brain = Your Middle Brain

Your middle brain is where emotions get processed. Your middle brain does the feeling of all the feels.

Third Brain (and the most important brain for persuasive writing) = Your Old Brain

Your old brain makes decisions. It’s the oldest most unevolved part of your brain (some people call it the “lizard brain” because it’s been part of our biology for 150 million years) is the part of your mind concerned with your survival. It makes primitive decisions on avoiding things that are dangerous and/or painful and grabbing things that are safe and/ or pleasurable.

How do you write for the “old brain”?

  • Write for you customer’s point of view. Remember that the old brain is about survival, it’s only concerned with itself. Look at all your messaging and make sure it’s about your couple’s experience.
  • Identify your customer’s pain. While your old brain will gravitate towards pleasure and safety. It will RUN away from pain, problems and suffering. Identifying what’s issues your couple is struggling with, and being the solution to those problems, is the most important thing you can do to convert more prospective brides and grooms into customers.
  • Make sure you stand out. What do you do differently from other wedding vendors in your niche? What makes you special? You need to tell your prospective customers what sets you apart. Don’t expect your work to speak for itself.
  • Show some proof. Your old brain is very resistant to change, it needs lots of proof before it feels great about a decision. Build lots of trust-building writing into your site and social. Things like testimonials, endorsements, awards, and coverage in name publications all convince the old brain that your business is safe.
  • Use the right words. Certain powerful words are irresistible to your old brain. They grab the old brain’s attention and set the stage for your passion to shine through. The five most magical words for persuasive writing? New, you, free, because and instantly. 

Does using all this old-brain-stuff make me smarmy, salesy, manipulative, etc.?

All humans are susceptible to their old brain. Some (smarmy, salesy) people use old-brain-persuasion for evil, leaving you feeling used and a little deflated. But you can use old-persuasion for good, where you deeply understand your dream customers and write the messages that will help them find you in a sea of noise. Then build on that to communicate with respect and deliver amazing value throughout your working relationship.

I believe in you!

What Every Wedding Pro Should Know About Persuasive Writing | Brass Tacks

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