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Marketing a wedding business is HARD.

  • Because your very best clients will work with you only once. So repeat business is a bit of a bust.
  • Because most couples get engaged, plan a wedding and get married in the space of a single year. So you have to build trust fast.
  • Because those brides and grooms, they're doing all the wedding stuff for the first time. So they’re relying on you to guide them on their journey. (and they're a hot mess)
  • Because there are tons of independent creative businesses vying for your ideal peeps' dollars. So you have to stand above the noise.
  • And you and your dream customers only have one chance to get it right. There are no wedding day do-overs. So couples need to trust that you’re going to take care of them.

Navigating these challenges is what makes awesome wedding businesses stand out from the sea of wedding noise.

You're already doing great work, now you just need great words.

Oh hi there, lovely human, I’m Kate Schoknecht, a writer who helps amazing, beautiful, disruptive, creative, soulful wedding photographers, wedding planners, florists, cake designers, calligraphers, venues and more.

Together, we write websites, sales sequences and all the behind the scenes stuff that turns engaged couples into kindred spirits, dream customers and fans that will keep recommending your work forever.

Wondering if I can help you? Give me 15 minutes and we'll talk about peaceful marketing for your business.

About Kate

I really like words and I always have. Books were (are) some of my best friends. Stories wrapped me in mystery, adventure, love, pride, sorrow, and laughter. And more than anything, I wanted to tell stories of my own.

So when it came time to pick a career, what did I choose? Author? Artist? Yep, but not of characters and adventures, but businesses and brands. My career in PR and Marketing taught me the business side of words: how to to use words to attract and convert, pitch and persuade. I spent years working with mission-driven clients like CLIF Bar and CamelBak, built campaigns that generated millions of impressions, and had clients featured in Real Simple, Oprah’s Magazine, and more.

And then I burnt out.

I loved my clients, but I was tired of helping big brands get bigger, I wanted to help build something new.

I quit my day job, took a very long road trip, and did some serious soul searching.

And, somewhere in between Joshua Tree, Canyonlands and Marfa, Brass Tacks was born. A place where I take the skills I used to get attention and engagement for big brands to help creative wedding industry entrepreneurs build their businesses and live life on their own terms.

Now, I live in a 100-year-old house in Portland, Oregon with my mountain-biking husband, Alex and our funny, fierce daughter Imogen Bird. Follow along on Instagram.


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