Are you feeling worn out by your business?

When you started your wedding business you thought that if you worked really hard, hustled and created amazing wedding experiences for your couples, that, after a few years, you’d build a business that supports your life, that gave you space for freedom and balance and creativity. To do the work you were really made to do.


If, instead you’re doing everything, feeling full of anxiety and facing down a backlog of all the marketing work you “should” be doing. You’re allowed to choose a different way.

Business in its truest form is really about helping people.

I work with wedding business owners who are beyond ready to simplify their marketing. While there are lots of courses, services, virtual assistants and marketing experts out there, finding and training ALL the right people to help your business can feel like a big, terrible project in itself.


What if you could delegate your marketing without all the stress? From getting your message exactly right to building AND executing the right marketing plan for your business, we can put a (surprisingly affordable) professional marketing team in your small businesses pocket.

Give me 15 minutes and see how Partnership and Possibility can clear your marketing to do list.

This is Partnership and Possibility

Partnership and Possibility is a six or 12-month collaboration designed to create long-lasting impact, profound change and surprising ease in your wedding business. We'll clearly define your unique offering and biggest strengths, discover your ideal customers deepest desires and demographics, and put the two together to create simplicity and abundance in your business.

The Partnership and Possibility Experience is

Three 90-minute strategy sessions

To unlock what makes your business unique, what your competitive advantage is in the market, your customer's true desires and sales triggers and how you dream about growing (and succeeding in) your business.

A customized messaging guide and framework

To dive deep into the language you use to educate and inspire your ideal clients and the key features and benefits of your services.

A full website audit and custom re-write

So every page on your site inspires your ideal clients to connect with you. 

A 12-month editorial plan

To leverage the channels, messages and content that will help your business thrive - whether it be blogging, social media newsletters, or a combination.

We write and schedule your content

So you don't have to blog, mess around with Instagram captions, or worry about your newsletter. And you don’t have to hire, manage or train a Virtual Assistant. WIN!

Flex hours to tackle the next writing project your business needs to grow

Like a sales funnel or nurture sequence, pitching or submitting to key publications, developing your welcome or investment guide, creating a Facebook ad campaign, developing a lead magnet or freebie and more. (Project hours and scope vary based on 12 or 6-month Package.)

Plus, a monthly check-in call, so we can make sure everything feels easy and full copyright to the words we create so you can use them anywhere.

$1,200 per month for 12 months


$1,320 per month for 6 months

My promises to you?

Partnership and Possibility creates real change in the way you operate and feel about your wedding business. Instead of tedious trial and error (and lots of hours) to get the marketing for your business feeling smooth and effortless, we’ll work together to create the marketing flow your business needs.

More time in your zone of genius

Partnership and Possibility creates real change in the way you operate and feel about your wedding business. Instead of tedious trial and error (and lots of hours) to get the marketing for your business feeling smooth and effortless, we’ll work together to create the marketing flow your business needs.

You sound like you

Every step of the Partnership and Possibility experience helps us get to know you your values and voice as a business person. We’ll learn how you speak, note how you use language and what words you choose. The result: everything we write for you sounds like you, not some robotic formula.

Peaceful delegation

Ready to clear your marketing to do list?  The Brass Tacks team has worked for an incredible variety of brands at every level of business, from Fortune 500 companies, to mission-driven startups to wedding industry influencers. We bring formal training, marketing skills and best practices to your business.


Great question. In marketing and advertising, all the words are called "copy" and a "copywriter" is the person that writes them. Copywriters have marketing-specific magic up their sleeves - like knowing what words help customers engage, connect with you in an authentic way and take action on your offers.


"Before I worked with Kate I was so worried that having someone else write my words would feel rigid and inauthentic - obviously not me. But Kate took the time to listen to my natural vibe, my story and my voice. I’m not someone who likes talking about myself or my work, but Kate is a really great listener and question-asker. She saw my business from the perspective of a potential client and pulled out the bits that really made me stand out, things I didn't give a second thought to because I was so close to them.

Working with Kate feels like a collaboration, with her help I’m speaking to potential clients in a trustworthy and relatable way - my words give me a sense of confidence and authority I didn’t know I had! I would recommend Kate to anyone. "

- Kate Ames, Kate Ames Photography


Join us, and transform your business before wedding season starts.

We work with a limited number of clients each year, beginning in the fall and winter so we can create lasting change in their business before the rush of spring and summer weddings.

If you’re ready for more peace and simplicity in your business. If you want to elevate the conversations and the stories you’re telling about love and partnership. If you aspire to build a business infused with empathy, soul and respect for the amazing clients that trust you with one of the most important days of their lives. Give me 15 minutes and we’ll see if Partnership and Possibility is the right fit for you.


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