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What do people say about working with Brass Tacks?

"I’m not someone who likes talking about myself or my work, but Kate is a really great listener and question-asker. She saw my business from the perspective of a potential client and pulled out the bits that really made me stand out, things I didn't give a second thought to because I was so close to them. Working with Kate feels like a collaboration, with her help I’m speaking to potential clients in a trustworthy and relatable way - my words give me a sense of confidence and authority I didn’t know I had!" - Kate Ames, Kate Ames Photography

"Kate took my unorganized train of thought and created words that captured my vision to a T. Kate got my passion for my work to come though, and each email really gives prospective customers a sense of my personality and what makes Smirk special. And working with Kate is fun! She’s quick, brilliant and so easy to work with." - Skylor Purnick, Smirk Photobooth Co. 

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Kate Schoknecht | Brass Tacks

Who are these Brass Tacks folks?

Oh hi! I'm Kate Schoknecht, I started Brass Tacks to de-stress and demystify marketing and writing for your wedding business. Together with my team, we partner with wedding pros of all kinds to transform your business, shrink your marketing to-do list and bring more of the right customers to your door.

I believe attracting couples doesn't have to be pushy or smarmy, that you don't need to chase every new internet trend to have a successful business, and that truly great marketing is about telling your story with integrity and heart.

How do I know? I spent years working with big names in mission-driven business (like CLIF Bar) learning and shaping how these folks could reach their ideal customers without losing their soul. When I decided it was time to do my own thing, I wanted to bring everything I learned working for multi-million dollar clients, to small passion-driven businesses helping to create more love stories in the world.

When I'm not writing, or plotting with my team on the best ways to help wedding pros, I'm being a huge homebody: reading, cooking and snuggling my partner (and our daughter) in Portland, Oregon.